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We have a total of 9,664 data breaches indexed.
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    Fetch up to 10,000 results per page in a fraction of a millisecond. Wildcard and Regex doesn't slow us down!

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    Gain access to an ever growing collection of over 9,000 data breaches. We constantly acquire and import new data every other week.

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    Fill in unknown parts of your query with Wildcard and Regex. Specify characters, length and more! Find all variations within seconds.

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We Leak Info



Filters Data Breaches
Max Results per Page 10,000 5 N/A
Average Search Speed 0.0002 Seconds 0.7 Seconds 0.02 Seconds
Total Searches 43 Million 10 Million (Estimate) 20 Million (Estimate)
Trusted by Fortune 500 Companies
Trusted by Governments & Militaries
Experienced Experts
Summary Over 4 years of experience in the business and supports Wildcard and Regex. New player with limited features and not all data breaches available for search. Small team with limited resources and missing several major data breaches.
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